SEBO Premium Canister Electric Telescopic Wand


The SEBO Premium Canister Electric Telescopic Wand is designed for use with premium canister vacuums only and is compatible with all SEBO ET-1 and ET-2 power heads, as well as all button-lock or friction-fit floor tools. The wand comes with a clip for onboard tool attachment of a dusting brush.

It comes included with all SEBO premium canister vacuums – AIRBELT C3 (discontinued), E3, K3, and D4.

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The SEBO Premium Canister Electric Telescopic Wand is a stainless steel wand designed for use with SEBO premium canister vacuums only.

The electric telescopic wand features an integrated cord management system, meaning the power cord is conveniently embedded within the wand.

The telescopic wand is designed with a ‘thumb saver’ button-lock cover to make it much easier to release the wand from the hose handle. As well, a slider button on the wand allows for an effortless extension of the wand’s length from approximately 25 inches up to 38 inches. This provides you with a customizable length for a more ergonomic clean by preventing you from having to bend over. It also allows you to extend your cleaning radius to reach high ceilings, light fixtures, walls, etc.

Due to the button-lock design and the integrated cord plug at the base of the wand, this wand can only be used to attach a SEBO ET-1 or ET-2 power head and any button-lock or friction-fit floor tool (see below). It is not designed for use with the ET-1 F1, ET-1-F2, or ET-2-F1 power heads because they have the cord attached to them and require a different cordless wand to operate.

Aside from the ET power heads, this wand can be paired with the following button-lock floor tools:

This wand can also be paired with the following friction-fit floor tools:

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