Powerful vacuums built to impeccable German standards

If you’re looking for a vacuum cleaner that picks up every last piece of dust, dander, hair, and all the other ingredients that compose a filthy carpet or floor, then you’ve landed in the right place.

Featuring award-winning German design, groundbreaking filtration technology, and green practices to help our planet, SEBO Canada is here to make your home a better place too.

If you have specific requirements for your next vacuum, visit our Vacuum Advisor page and filter our product list down by the criteria that matters to you the most.

Upright Vacuums

First-class filtering and outstanding suction are just two of the qualities that make SEBO’s range of upright vacuum cleaners so powerful. Whether you’re looking for the sleek lines of a Felix or the sturdy reliability of our X-series, all our upright vacuums are made to german standards and built to last. 

Canister Vacuums

For a flexible approach to cleaning, SEBO’s canister vacuums are light, storage friendly and designed to reach every nook and cranny. If you’re looking for a streamlined canister vacuum with a simple bag change, our airbelt series may be the one for you.

Dry Clean

SEBO does more than just vacuum, our dry cleaning tools make sure your carpet gets the attention it deserves. Get deep into those fibres, and freshen up your floors with our duo collection.  


Why stop at vacuuming? We clean and polish too

From polishing hardwood floors to deep cleaning your carpets, SEBO prides itself on making every surface spotless. Our advanced technology is German engineered to guarantee exceptionally clean results. 

Power Heads

Our ET Power Heads are the world’s leading design, famous for being durable and reliable. They last so long, they’re considered virtually maintenance-free.

The SEBO Advantages

Award Winning Design

S-Class Filtration

Environmentally Friendly

Sebo Award logos

We’re Winning Worldwide

If you’re a SEBO Owner, you understand why. We’re so confident in our products, we back up our award winning technology with a 10 Year Warranty and offer helpful service and support.

TESTIMONIAL: Over 20 years ago my husband and I, and our 6 dogs, moved from a modern home with central vac to an old farmhouse in the country. Obviously, there was no central vac in the farm home and I started my search for a vacuum for our new home. With a house full of dogs and plenty of dog hair, I wanted a vacuum that could meet my needs of daily vacuuming, thorough cleaning in corners and crevices, was easy to maneuver and could easily be carried up and down stairs. After shopping around at many dealers, I settled on a SEBO Airbelt C3.1 canister vacuum; It is a great vacuum with plenty of suction, hospital grade filtration and all hand tools readily available within the canister lid. Even ordering vacuum bag and filters has never been a problem. As of today, I have never had a single service call on my vacuum and it has met all of my daily cleaning needs; Unfortunately, the time has come to replace my old SEBO C3.1. Without a doubt in my mind, I will replace my old vacuum with a newer model SEBO canister vacuum. Although we no longer have a house full of dogs, cleaning is still a priority for me. A SEBO canister vacuum is all I need to maintain a clean and healthy home; BEST vacuum I have ever and will ever own! Thank you SEBO for a GREAT product.
SEBO Airbelt C1 Canister Vacuum
Peggy M
July 27 2021