Canister Vacuum Cleaners

Our quietest vacuums yet!

Canister Vacuum Cleaners | SEBO Canada
SEBO’s canister vacuums know a thing or two about being discreet. Superior noise reduction and a compact design make these vacuums easy to miss despite their powerful cleaning performance. With German engineering and reduced friction, the dust won’t hear you coming!

Airbelt K-Series Canister Vacuum

Quiet, compact, and incredibly stylish, the Airbelt K-Series is a firm favourite with SEBO fans around the world. With several colours to choose from, you can mix and match to suit your taste. This vacuum is also perfect for those with smaller storage spaces. Lightweight and simple to change the bag, it does what you need without making a fuss.

Airbelt D-Series Canister Vacuum

The Airbelt D-Series is a powerhouse when it comes to both airflow and performance, delivering an exceptional clean. With all the quality you expect from German engineering, the Airbelt D-Series is flexible and easily maneuverable, and with a bigger bag capacity, this canister vacuum will make your life cleaner.

Airbelt E-Series Canister Vacuum

The Airbelt E-Series works hard and still lets others sleep. Innovation shows in every aspect of the compact design, from the Airbelt bumper system to the clever tool storage and easy bag change. These vacuums are light, compact, durable, and powerful.

Quietly gets the job done

Quietly confident, the SEBO canister vacuum doesn’t waste valuable energy making noise. It instead uses its considerable power to give an impressive clean to any surface. Everything about these models are designed to reduce noise, making sure you can clean without a word of complaint from others!

Compact models that are easy to lift

Light and easy to lift, the canister vacuum is perfect for homes where stairs are an issue. Its compact size makes it easy to store and the most suitable vacuum for those with mobility issues as they only need to lift the head to clean stairs. What it lacks in size it makes up for in power–this vacuum proves that sometimes the smallest things are the mightiest! 

Airbelt makes for a smooth performance

The canister is surrounded by a cushioned bumper, which means you can pull it behind you as you clean without worrying about navigating around every piece of furniture. Not only does the Airbelt provide extra padding and protection but it’s an additional filter that keeps the air dust-free. 

S-Class Filtration

Three stages of filtration ensure long-lasting performance and cleaner air. Airflow is filtered before entering and exiting all our vacuums, and our Ultra Bags provide superior performance to bagless alternatives. They are also a more cost-effective option as replacement filters for bagless models can be pricey. Our filtration system provides efficient performance by keeping the airflow clean and your dust contained. 

Can’t quite decide on a particular series?

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Canister Vacuum Cleaners | SEBO Canada