MECHANICAL Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Designed to outlast the competition

The MECHANICAL upright vacuum cleaner maximizes durability by being made, primarily, of mechanical components rather than electronic. The Mechanical combines powerful suction and filtration that removes dirt and dust the eye can’t see. 

Plus it’s kind to your lower back; you won’t need to strain or bend to change the settings. Adjust the brush from a standing position and watch the MECHANICAL effortlessly remove stubborn dirt from any surface.

Foot-friendly settings

Using your foot while vacuuming may sound counterintuitive, but for those with a bad back, it will be a relief to switch the machine on and off with a prod of the toe. All electronics are located in the power head with an on/off button that is easy to use without bending over.

Easy on the electronics to extend durability

In one word, the MECHANICAL Series is durable. By minimizing the electrical components and using mostly German-engineered mechanical parts, this upright vacuum cuts down on the need for repairs and is one of our most cost-efficient models. 

Heavy-duty belt for
long-lasting performance

Many modern vacuums use cheap belts that break easily and need regular replacement. Our vacuums work a little differently. The MECHNICAL upright vacuum cleaner has one of our most heavy-duty belts that can be relied upon to keep your vacuum running in top form for years to come.

Superior filtration

The Mechanical Series uses our S-Class filtration system to ensure that the air you breathe is clean and that all dust is effectively filtered out. Multilayer Ultra Bags keep dust from escaping, while airflow is filtered coming in and out of the vacuum to protect the components.

Want to see what actual customers and vacuum dealers have to say about the MECHANICAL upright vacuum cleaner? 

Here are some insightful video reviews:

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