SEBO Hand-Held Turbo Brush


The Turbo Brush is included with the SEBO X7 Premium Pet upright vacuum and is compatible with all SEBO upright and canister vacuum cleaner hoses due to its friction-fit neck. However, due to a difference in diameter, it is not recommended for use with the SEBO central vacuum cleaner hose.

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The SEBO Hand-Held Turbo Brush is a 6.5-inch wide attachment with an air-driven brush roller designed for cleaning upholstery, furniture, mattresses, and stairs – especially the front of stairs, which can be difficult to vacuum. It’s the perfect addition for pet owners as it effortlessly removes stubborn lint and pet hair and it pops open for easy access to clear blockages and remove built-up hair on the brush roller.

The brush roller on the Turbo Brush spins at thousands of rotations a minute as air is drawn into it. This makes it a powerful and effective tool to remove stubborn lint and pet hair. Its swivel neck design makes it super easy to clean tight spaces by rotating it around to clean at any angle. Its friction-fit design means it can attach to a variety of different-sized wands, or lose the wand altogether and attach straight onto the hose handle for a more controlled, hand-held clean!

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