Why choose SEBO?

The SEBO Vacuum Advantage means our vacuum cleaners regularly come out on top when tested against 
other well-known brands. But, what makes SEBO so special?

Award Winning Design

S-Class Filtration

Environmentally Friendly

Proudly Made in Germany

Since 1987, the label ‘Made in Germany’ has represented the highest standard of engineering, innovation, and design, and is recognized globally for building trust in quality products.

The requirements of the label “Made in Germany” are that the main elements of the products creation process – the development, design, production, and quality assurance – occur exclusively in Germany.

So, when you purchase a SEBO vacuum that is engineered and manufactured exclusively in Germany, know that you are investing in top of the line quality, innovation and engineering, every time!

Complimentary Extended
10-Year Warranty in Canada

When it comes to cleaning up, we make sure you can rely on us for many years to come. We’re so confident in our design and know that the vacuum you buy today will be keeping your home dust-free for a long time,
that all our vacuums come with our extended 10-year warranty, at no extra charge!

European S-Class Filtration

The S-Class Filtration is a European standard, comparable to the popular North American term “HEPA”. However, unlike the HEPA standard where only the filter is expected to absorb 99.97% of particles down to 0.3 microns, the S-Class Filtration standard can only be obtained by having met all three of the following criteria:

1) A three stage, hospital-grade filtration that filters 99.9% of particles down to 0.3 microns before exiting all SEBO vacuums

2) An electrostatic filter that uses statically charged microfibers

3) A completely sealed vacuum cleaner that does not leak air from any side

Advanced Brush-Roller Technology

SEBO’s brush rollers are uniquely designed to funnel hair and debris into the powerhead’s airflow channel, which improves vacuum cleaning performance on all flooring surfaces. They can easily be removed for cleaning and/or replacement when needed, and there is also a soft bristled option for primarily cleaning hard floors or more delicate carpets.

Reliable, Commercial-Grade Components

SEBO vacuums are constructed with thick, reinforced, ABS plastic, aluminum and metal parts, steel axles and bearings, and high-end, quality motors. This means all SEBO customers own reliable, long-lasting vacuum cleaners.

Rubber Wheels and Soft Bumpers Protect Homes

Smooth-gliding rubber wheels protect hard floors and provide exceptional maneuverability. In addition, the bumpers that surround the powerheads and the soft AIRBELT bumpers that surround SEBO’s canisters protect furniture, walls, and vacuum housings from incurring scuffs and scratches during use.

Ergonomic Design

SEBO’s vacuums are built to fit all shapes and sizes. With adjustable handles and lightweight designs they make cleaning the floor simple. Our nozzles reach into tough corners so you don’t have to and our compact designs mean these vacuums can navigate tricky corners with minimal effort from you. 

Did you know?

Impressively, SEBO was the world’s first vacuum manufacturer to introduce the following innovations to vacuum cleaners:
  • Integrated suction hose on an upright vacuum
  • Timing-belt-driven brush with clutch protection
  • Dust bag that fills from the top, followed by a microfilter and then the motor
  • Electrostatic microfilter
  • Electronic brush control and safety shut off
  • Soft bumper on a canister vacuum, which protects furniture and walls from damage
  • Electronically controlled automatic height adjustment, an S-class filtration, and a detail wand with telescopic hose

A lot can happen in 10 years.

SEBO Canada offers a complimentary extended 10-year warranty when you register your vacuum online.

SEBO Vacuum Advantage

91566AM - AUTOMATIC X8 Blue - Angled DSC04438 - SEBO Canada upright vacuum cleaners

History of SEBO Vacuums

Founded in 1978, SEBO has become the largest manufacturer of high-quality commercial upright vacuum cleaners in the world.

About 80 years after the first vacuum cleaner patent was issued, two German engineers were persuaded to reinvent the vacuum cleaner. With skills both in theory and hands-on-work, these gentlemen founded Stein & Co. GmbH in Velbert, Germany and, in 1978, developed the SEBO 350. This vacuum cleaner was designed to pass the hardest test: to facilitate the work of cleaning professionals. Due to the patented technical innovations that allowed effective cleaning of all kinds of carpet and the ability to clean the lightest corners, this first model immediately impressed the demanding cleaning personnel of hotels, hospitals, and offices. With the addition of unique features such as an integrated hose, a clutch-protected brush roller, and a bypass motor, the first SEBO caused quite a sensation.

Throughout the design and manufacturing stages of its various vacuum cleaner, SEBO has focused on providing its customers the key benefits of ease-of-use, reliability, cleaning effectiveness, and high filtration. The features and durability of SEBO’s vacuums naturally led to demand in the consumer market as well.

Today with over 3,000,000 upright vacuum cleaners sold, SEBO is the global leader in commercial upright vacuum cleaners and all SEBO machines are still designed and produced in Velbert. This is why famous carpet producers world-wide recommend SEBO vacuum cleaners for daily cleaning in order to maintain the quality and value of the carpet.

These exceptional residential products are now available to the Canadian consumer market through the growing network found on the dealers page of this site. Now you too can have SEBO’s professional expertise and unique design features in your household!

SEBO is Environmentally Friendly

For SEBO, reducing the carbon footprint of a product starts in the initial design process.

There is more to being environmentally aware than just looking at energy ratings. Friends of the environment also want their vacuum to be responsibly manufactured. Everyone knows to look for efficiency when it comes to buying new appliances for the home, but what about the amount of energy consumed in their production and distribution? Sometimes this can far exceed the energy used during the entire lifespan of a product.

SEBO’s Green Practices

SEBO Vacuum Advantage

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