Puts the power of a deep clean in your hands

Every now and then, your carpet needs a deeper clean. Our duo Dry Cleaning System is formulated to deep clean your entire carpet or spot clean stubborn stains. It uses tiny micro-sponges that dig into fibres and eliminate the deepest, darkest stains—all without soaking your carpet.

Advantages of the duo System​

  • Do-it-yourself deep cleaning saves you time and money
  • Carpets aren’t soaked so it won’t need days to dry
  • Eliminates any dust-mite allergens that have built up
  • Built-in fibre protector to prevent future stains
  • No pesky detergent residue on your floors
  • No carpet shrinking or damp-smelling mildew

duo Machine

Our duo Machine is part of a cleaning system that gets deep into the fibres of your floor without soaking, shrinking, or staining your carpets. A must-have for those wanting to duo dry clean larger carpeted areas, this is a convenient way to deep clean without having to call in a professional. German engineered and warranty protected, the duo Machine puts the power of a deep clean in your hands.

duo Daisy

The newest addition to the SEBO duo carpet-cleaning team, the duo Daisy is easy to clean—simply run it under tap water. It’s lightweight and durable and has a retractable handle, allowing it to be stored in a smaller space. You can also use the duo Daisy to clean cars, boats, and RVs.

duo-P Cleaning Powder

SEBO’s carpet-cleaning powder consists of thousands of micro-sponges that contain an environmentally-friendly and safe solvent for lifting greasy soiling, a neutral shampoo for non-greasy soiling, and an anti-resoilant to delay re-soiling. In other words, it contains everything you need to deep clean your carpets effectively.