AUTOMATIC X Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Give your floors the X-factor

The AUTOMATIC X upright vacuum is the world’s most intelligent and technically advanced vacuum cleaner, while also being the most simple to use vacuum cleaner available!

Whatever surface you’re cleaning, the AUTOMATIC X-Series is equipped with sensors that automatically adjust the brush height, allowing you to move seamlessly from hardwood floors to plush rugs and carpets without having to fiddle with it manually.

If you have pets, our AUTOMATIC X7 Premium Pet may be the upright vacuum for you since it comes with extra attachment tools for cleaning pet hair and an odor-free charcoal filter to eliminate pet odor!

The AUTOMATIC X upright vacuums insist on the highest standards of cleanliness and are the equivalent to having a commercial-grade vacuum for your home.

A champion of cleanliness

When it comes to upright vacuums, the AUTOMATIC X- is one of our most powerful models. With the S-Class filtration system (HEPA equivalent) and incredible suction, it is equipped with a number of features that give its performance the edge over similar models. 

Perfect for all surfaces

The AUTOMATIC X upright vacuum cleaner is sensitive to its surroundings and adjusts its brush height based on the floor it’s cleaning. This means you don’t have to manually adjust any settings. Simply push the vacuum from hard floor to rugs without a second thought. 

Ergonomically Designed

Give your back a break with automatic adjustments. No need to switch out floor tools with the automatic sensors that keep an eye on what floor it’s cleaning. A convenient instant-use wand for those hard-to-reach areas, and a foot pedal at the bottom-rear of the vacuum to simply release the vacuum from its upright position.

Clean even the unlit corners of your home

Unique to the AUTOMATIC X7 Premium and X8 models is a head lamp! If you have a dark cupboard under the stairs or a poorly lit basement area that causes you concern, then this vacuum will do the trick. It illuminates dark spaces as it works, so you can be sure every inch of your home is spotless. 

Boost performance with the X7 Premium

Take the AUTOMATIC X upright vacuum one step further with the X7 Premium models, equipped with a boost button to turbo-charge your cleaning performance. Handy for situations where dirt is stubbornly clinging to a carpet, the boost feature will lower the brush roller slightly more, and give you the extra oomph needed to gather every last speck of dust. 

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