SEBO ET Power Heads

World-renowned power heads for any surface

SEBO ET Power Heads are the world’s leading design, famous for being durable and reliable. They last so long, they’re considered virtually maintenance-free. Combined with our central vacuum wands, the power heads can be attached to almost any central vacuum system.

Multisurface magic

Whether you’re vacuuming a shiny hard floor or a plush carpet, SEBO ET power heads have four brush heights to ensure an incredible performance every time. They pride themselves on getting rid of every last pet hair or speck of dust. Plus, the brush roller is easy to remove for cleaning or replacing, so you can make sure it doesn’t end up clogged with hair or debris over time.

Commercial-grade performance in two sizes

You can choose between a 12-inch and 15-inch wide power head. Either way, you’re guaranteed a seamless performance that will give your floors a commercial-grade clean every single time.

Incredibly mobile

Built to move with amazing 180-degree steerability, the head is also designed with an L-shaped contour to make cleaning around corners that much easier. As you move from carpets or hard floors to delicate rugs, you can switch the brush roller on or off to protect your surfaces.

Protect your home with obstruction warning lights

The warning lights are a unique feature that protect your central vacuum and power head from damage. Coupled with an automatic shut-off, these are two key features designed to protect the motor, belts, and carpets from damage. The warning lights will also activate when the brush height is too high or too low. That’s one smart power head! 

Compatible with most central vacuum systems

Our special telescopic wands ensure that SEBO ET power heads will easily connect to most central vacuums. If you’re not sure whether your system is compatible, contact us or your local SEBO dealer and we’ll be more than happy to let you know.

Can’t quite decide on a particular vacuum?

Or, click here to watch a video explaining more about the unique features of the SEBO vacuum lineup.

SEBO ET Power Heads