Upright Vacuum Cleaners

Powerful upright vacuums for every possible surface

Upright Vacuum Cleaners | SEBO Canada
SEBO upright vacuums are suitable for all floor types and come with our exclusive complimentary 10-year warranty! From hardwood floors to the thickest carpets, SEBO has an upright vacuum that will leave your home spotless.

Engineered to strict German standards and equipped with features that make your life easier. Whichever series you choose, SEBO guarantees an upright, dust-free performance every time.

Upright Vacuum Cleaners | SEBO Canada

FELIX Upright Vacuum

The Felix Series looks as good as it performs. Mix and match the colours and patterns to fit your aesthetic. And the magic of the Felix Series doesn’t stop there! It’s our most flexible upright model and its swivel head is perfect for wiggling into those tighter corners. The Felix Premium works on any surface, and with 32 feet of cable, you can let loose those dance moves and cover all the floor space you need.

AUTOMATIC X Upright Vacuum

Whatever surface you’re cleaning, the X-Series boasts the most powerful suction. Equipped with sensors that automatically adjust the brush to suit the surface it’s cleaning, the X-Series allows you to move seamlessly from hardwood floors to plush rugs without having to fiddle with it manually.  If you have pets, our X7 Premium Pet may be the upright vacuum for you since it comes with extra tools and an odour-free filter for pet hair and dander! The X-Series insists on the highest standards of cleanliness.

MECHANICAL Upright Vacuum

The Mechanical Series maximizes durability by being made, primarily, of mechanical components rather than electronic. The Mechanical combines powerful suction and filtration that removes stray hairs and dust the eye can’t see. Plus it’s kind to your lower back; you won’t need to strain or bend to change the settings. Adjust the brush from a standing position and watch the Mechanical effortlessly remove stubborn dirt from any surface. 

ESSENTIAL G Upright Vacuum

A no-nonsense, durable upright vacuum that will stand the test of time, the G-Series is intended for heavy-duty vacuuming and is perfect for bigger spaces that require constant upkeep. Its heavy-duty belt can be relied on day in, day out, to give your floors the performance you expect. It’s light on features that wear down over time, so you can count on the G-Series for years to come. 

Legendary quality

From the nuts and bolts of our motors to incredible filtration systems, we believe in using only the highest quality components. All SEBO upright vacuums are jam-packed with features that surpass industry standards. Unlike anything you’ve cleaned with before, these vacuums are built to last.

You control the performance

Navigate the twists and turns of your home with precision. All SEBO upright vacuums are built with mobility in mind and give you the ultimate control. Vacuum in style, and keep your surroundings safe from pesky scuff marks. 

Take the pain out of vacuuming

Perfect for those who suffer from lower back pain or who have trouble bending to reach the settings on canister-style vacuums, all SEBO upright vacuums are designed with your comfort in mind. The Mechanical Series even has bonus features that let users adjust the brush height from standing. 

S-Class Filtration

Three stages of filtration ensure long-lasting performance and cleaner air. Airflow is filtered before entering and exiting all our vacuums, and our Ultra Bags provide superior performance to bagless alternatives. They are also a more cost-effective option as replacement filters for bagless models can be pricey. Our filtration system provides efficient performance by keeping the airflow clean and your dust contained. 

Can’t quite decide on a particular series?

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Upright Vacuum Cleaners | SEBO Canada