AIRBELT K-Series Canister Vacuum Cleaner

Quiet, compact, and colourful

Quiet, compact, and incredibly stylish, the AIRBELT K-Series canister vacuum is a firm favourite with SEBO fans around the world. With several colours to choose from, you can mix and match to suit your taste. This vacuum is also perfect for those with smaller storage spaces.  Lightweight and simple to change the bag, it does what you need without making a fuss.

A quiet but powerful performance

If you’ve ever been irritated by the constant drone of someone vacuuming the home or if you have family members who like to sleep while you clean, then this may be the canister for you. The K-Series quietly and competently cleans your surfaces and is surprisingly powerful for such a small model.

Fun-loving colours and patterns

Even useful appliances can be stylish, and the K-Series is perfect for those who like to coordinate their homes. Available in a range of bright colours, and with the option of unique Airbelt patterns, this is a vacuum that doesn’t take itself too seriously.

Compact and lightweight

We’ve packed a lot into this vacuum. German engineering ensures that every feature is streamlined to create a sleek, colourful model that focuses on performance as well as appearance. Easy to store, it’s ideal for smaller spaces and for those with mobility issues.

Airbelt for smooth moves even around tricky corners

Don’t worry about scuffing walls or furniture as you clean. The K-Series has an Airbelt bumper built around its canister that protects your surfaces, even when you’re not paying attention. A feature that’s unique to SEBO canisters, the Airbelt is a fan favourite.

Superior S-Class filtration

The Airbelt K-series vacuum comes with SEBO’s multistage, S-class, hospital-grade filtration system.  Ideal for those with allergies and asthma, the K-series removes 99.9% of dust particles, cleaning the air that returns into your home. This multifaceted approach to keeping your air dust-free sets all our SEBO vacuums apart from the competition.

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AIRBELT K-SERIES Canister Vacuum

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