DISCO Floor Polisher

Revolutionary hard-floor care

Give hard floors a high-gloss finish with this lightweight DISCO floor polisher head that attaches to our premium canisters and the Felix vacuums. The head is designed to polish floors without using harmful substances such as water, chemicals, or polishing sands, which might damage finished surfaces over time. It even sucks up any excess dust, leaving you with gleaming floors.

Protects surfaces and furniture

The DISCO is equipped with bumpers so that it can easily polish the floor alongside skirting boards and walls without leaving scuff marks. It also has three rubber-coated wheels so that it won’t leave marks on the floor as you move it. 

Restores floors to their former glory

The DISCO uses three pads to restore floors to their original shine. Here are the three steps to shiny floors:

  1. The Red Floor Pad: Removes the deepest, most visible scratches and smooths the floor surface.
  2. The Yellow Floor Pad: Restores a higher-gloss finish and prepares the floor for the finishing touches.
  3. The Green Floor Pad: Provides the high-gloss finish you’re hoping for. The green pad can be used daily to maintain the glossiness after the floor has been restored.

It works on softer, waxed coatings as well as varnishes

The magic of the floor polisher isn’t just for high-varnish surfaces. The blue floor pad can be used with a suitable floor wax to polish and remove fine dust from floors with softer coatings.

Agile and easy to use

The DISCO Floor Polisher is easily attached to the SEBO Felix or any SEBO Premium canister vacuum, but the handiness doesn’t stop there. Its pads are quick and easy to change so you won’t waste time between the different steps. The polisher is lightweight and flexible, giving you ultimate polishing performance.

Suitable for a wide range of floors

While the DISCO works on a variety of hard floors, we recommend that you make sure you have one of the floor types listed here before purchasing: PVC, natural stone, granite, marble, terrazzo, acrylic or polyurethane-coated floors, hardwood with oil or varnish finishes, and/or hardwood with soft finishes, such as wax (Blue Floor Pad only). 

DISCO Floor Polisher