SEBO Wall and Floor Brush


SEBO Wall and Floor Brush, Dark Grey, 9 1/4″ Width

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The SEBO Wall and Floor Brush is a versatile attachment designed to be compatible with all SEBO vacuum models. It provides an optimal cleaning performance without damaging delicate surfaces. Compact and lightweight, this brush effortlessly removes dust and debris making it a standout performer when it comes to cleaning walls, ceilings, floors, and more.

The SEBO Wall and Floor Brush is the ultimate all-purpose tool, specially crafted for a wide range of cleaning tasks. It guarantees gentle yet effective cleaning, making it the go-to tool for homeowners seeking a multipurpose cleaning solution.

Optional SEBO wands compatible with the SEBO Friction-Fit Parquet Brush:

The following wands are compatible but not recommended due to their button-lock design:

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