SEBO FELIX Vogue Exhaust Microfilter


SEBO FELIX Vogue Exhaust Microfilter – grey pattern with cream background design. Compatible with all SEBO FELIX upright vacuums (including the FELIX Dart), however, most complimentary on the Felix Vogue.

**Please note that this exhaust filter wrap has a creamy white background, much like the Felix Vogue vacuum, not the same bright white as all other white Felix models.**

The stylish, interchangeable exhaust microfilter wrap is an ultra-modern, hospital-grade, exhaust filter that provides excellent filtration and absorbs motor noise, resulting in an extremely quiet operation. You can mix and match the exterior design of your SEBO FELIX upright vacuum to keep it fresh, proving that even the most powerful vacuums can look good while delivering a stellar cleaning experience.

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SEBO “dresses” the FELIX upright vacuums with an S-class exhaust microfilter to provide the final step of the S-Class filtration to the air re-entering your home during vacuuming. The S-class filtration captures 99.9% of all particles 0.3 microns or larger in size, providing additional relief for asthma or allergy sufferers. Air quality is of the utmost importance to many homeowners and SEBO is proud to manufacture products that provide a clean-air environment. The SEBO FELIX Vogue Exhaust Microfilter has a grey pattern with cream background design and will fit on all FELIX upright vacuums. A variety of colours and patterns are available so you can mix and match to customize your machine.

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