Flexible, fun-loving vacuums that swivel heads

The Felix Series looks as good as it performs. Mix and match the colours and patterns to fit your aesthetic. The magic of the Felix Series doesn’t stop there. It’s our most flexible upright model and has a swivel head so you can wiggle into those tighter corners. The Felix works on any surface, and with 32 feet of cable, you can let loose those dance moves and cover all the floor space you need.

A pro at tackling tricky corners

Designed with a state-of-the-art swivel head, the Felix gets where other upright vacuums can’t. It maneuvers around furniture and corners with ease, simplifying and shortening your time spent cleaning. It’s a fully flexible vacuum that will leave your floors, curtains, and even ceilings completely dust-free.

Powerful suction and filtration

The Felix is no exception to the SEBO standard. This vacuum performs as well as it looks. You can control the suction to suit the surface, and it’s equally powerful on carpets and hard floors. With state-of-the-art filtration and powerful suction, you can be sure this vacuum will be cleaning your home for many years to come.

Use it to vacuum just about any surface

Under cushions, inside drawers, around wall sconces, the Felix does it all so you get the dust-free home you deserve. Built with versatility in mind, the Felix has an optional shoulder strap so you can carry it around and bust every last cobweb that gets in your way.

Who said vacuuming wasn’t fun?

For those of you who like to add a touch of fun to your home, the Felix is the upright vacuum for you. Best known for turning heads with its customizable colours and patterns, you can even mix and match the filter colours to keep it fresh, proving that even the most powerful vacuums can look good while delivering a stellar cleaning experience.

Felix Dart

Love the Felix 1, but don’t have the budget? The Dart is a simplified version that offers you many of the same features at a lower cost. While it’s without the swivel head and suction control, it still has optional floor tools for various surfaces as well as a shoulder strap for ease of use.

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