SEBO AIRBELT K / D Silver Bumper Cover


SEBO AIRBELT K / D Silver Bumper Cover

An AIRBELT bumper cover in silver that wraps around the SEBO AIRBELT K-series and D-series canister vacuums. Does not include the AIRBELT Foam Bumper (sold separately).

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A replacement SEBO AIRBELT K / D Silver Bumper Cover is available if needed. It is only necessary to replace the cover if it shows signs of wear or if it gets ripped or damaged. The AIRBELT Foam Bumper is also available for purchase if needed.

The patented AIRBELT Bumper System not only protects your furniture and walls as the canister follows behind you, but it also expels hot air from within the vacuum and the cover can be replaced to customize your vacuum.

You can also easily replace the complete bumper if it gets damaged over time. SEBO vacuums are full of innovative ways to not only stay looking good but to continue performing perfectly for many, many years to come!

Additional AIRBELT K bumper covers and foam bumper available for purchase: