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Spotlight on the SEBO Duo-P Dry-Cleaning System

What is the SEBO Duo-P dry carpet cleaning powder and how does it work?
Why is it a better choice among carpet cleaning solutions?

This blog post is dedicated to all things Duo-P and the SEBO dry-cleaning system.

What is the SEBO Duo-P Dry Clean Powder?

SEBO’s Duo-P Powder effectively removes stains, eliminates dust mite allergens, and cleans large and small carpeted areas, rugs and upholstery, without using water! 

This do-it-yourself, dry-cleaning system is highly effective, easy to use, saves time and money, and avoids potential carpet damage caused by some wet-cleaning methods.

SEBO’s carpet-cleaning powder consists of thousands of micro-sponges that contain:

  • an environmentally-friendly and safe solvent for lifting greasy soiling
  • a neutral shampoo for non-greasy soiling
  • a built-in fiber protector to delay re-soiling
Apply, spot clean, brush in, wait, vacuum

Just work it into your carpet fibers, and the moistened, sponge-like granules absorb soil and stains. After 30-60 minutes, remove the dried powder by vacuuming, and you will be left with carpeting and upholstery that’s clean, dry, and ready for use!

Because this is a dry-cleaning process, Duo-P Powder will not promote the growth of mold, fungus, or dust mite allergens in your carpet and pad and it’s safe to use around pets and kids!

Carpet stain before and after

"I recently purchased a SEBO vacuum and have been so happy with it, so naturally I was excited to try the Duo-P powder as I have mainly carpet in my house with 4 animals and lots of pet stains. We also discovered that when we moved our couch to clean the carpet that our couch legs had stained our new light carpet a pink color. I was looking for an alternative to traditional carpet cleaning as I wanted something that was going to be safe for my animals but effective and that did not take forever to dry. The Duo-P powder was so easy to use and removed 99% of my carpet stains, including the stains left behind by our couch. Our carpets now feel soft, fluffy, and new again and the best part is that it only took half an hour to dry! Overall, I was very satisfied with this product and will be a customer for life!"

Why use Duo-P dry carpet cleaning over other wet-cleaning methods?

Some wet-cleaning methods inject water and detergent into the carpet pile under pressure, and an extractor is used to collect the liquid and dissolved soil. However, many rental and do-it-yourself machines only remove 50% of the dirty water leaving much of the remaining water to soak into the pad. 

Often, this amount of moisture will cause deterioration of the carpet backing, and a wet carpet may take 8 to 36 hours to dry, depending on humidity. That is long enough for mold spores to grow. 

Also, carpets may re-soil quickly because of residual detergent, and spots may reappear in a short period of time, as the moisture and dissolved soil “wicks up” through the carpet fibers.

Duo-P Carpet Cleaning Tips and Tricks

Here are a five tips to help you have the best experience with SEBO Duo-P powder:

1) Older or more stubborn stains may require additional treatments.

If a stain is deeply imbedded in your carpet, you may need to use Duo-P more than once. You can also use a small brush to really work the micro-sponges against those fibers in that particular spot. You could use everyday brushes you no longer need,
like a toothbrush or a baby hair brush.

2) Vacuum or remove spills before using Duo-P.

This one may seem obvious, but it is important and needs to be said. Duo-P will not work on wet mud or globs of ketchup. Try to remove or soak up as much of the excess stain agent as possible before using Duo-P.

In addition, Duo-P will work most effectively if you vacuum the surface first. If you do not vacuum first, the micro-sponges will absorb all of the surface soilant and not be available to absorb the underlying stain you really need it to get out.

3) Make sure you wait until it is dry and vacuum it well.

If you are in a rush and vacuum up the Duo-P before it is dry, you will likely be left with Duo-P still in your carpet. The micro-sponges left in your carpet can feel gritty if you do not take the time to let it dry and vacuum slowly and thoroughly. 

Allowing it to dry also gives the anti-resoilant a chance to set and ensure that you will have a fresh, dust-mite allergen free carpet for as long as possible (up to 6 months!).

4) Tightly seal opened and partially used bags of Duo-P.

The powder is ineffective if it dries out. If you have some Duo-P left in the bag that you want to save for later, make sure you are sealing it tightly removing as much air in the bag as possible.

5) Duo-P can be used on more than just carpets!

In addition to not using water or pre-sprays, Duo-P is non-toxic and environmentally friendly. That means you can be creative in finding ways to use it! 

Do you have a stain on a couch cushion that has been driving you crazy?
Do you have a dog bed that just smells terrible no matter how often you vacuum it? 
Consider how much sweat and body oils are on your mattress! 

Any surface that is made of material or fibers can benefit from a little Duo-P. Use it the same way you would on your carpets to freshen and kill dust mite allergens.

As always, if you have any concerns about using it on a specific surface, like a special kind of mattress, we recommend consulting the manufacturer of that fabric, flooring or item first.

Other Products in the SEBO
Dry Carpet Cleaning System

The Duo Daisy

A broom with a single brush at the end, the SEBO Duo Daisy is designed for working the Duo-P powder into carpet fibers for effective carpet cleaning. 

The Duo Daisy is a back-saver because it eliminates the need for you to be on your hands and knees scrubbing. Its adjustable handle accommodates user height preferences and enables it to be stored in small spaces. 

The Daisy even offers two brush bristle options for different types of carpet: easy or aggressive.

 The Duo Daisy is useful for cleaning small to medium sized carpeted areas, like hallways, stairs, or rugs.

Unless you are only using Duo-P for spot treatment, it would be extremely helpful to also purchase a Duo Daisy.

The Duo Machine

          A must-have for those wanting to Duo-P dry clean larger carpeted areas, this is a convenient way to deep clean without having to call in a professional. 

The SEBO Duo Brush Machine’s two counter-spinning brushes open carpet pile, enabling the Duo-P Powder to clean each fibre. 

Weighing only 11 lbs, you’ll find it super easy to use, and with a brush-path width of 12.5”, you can clean a room or even an entire house of carpet in no time.

          Note that when using on berber or shag carpets, it is recommended that you use an optional soft brush roller instead of the regular brush roller.

The SEBO Dry-Cleaning line of products is a breath of fresh air in the daunting world of carpet cleaning and stain removal. Hopefully, with the help of Duo-P, you can remove discouraging stains and love your carpets and upholstery again.

          If you still have questions, check out the Duo Dry-Clean Brochure or the Material Safety Data Sheet for more information.

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