Durability is this vacuum’s middle name

A no-nonsense, durable upright vacuum that will stand the test of time, the G-Series is intended for heavy-duty vacuuming and is perfect for bigger spaces that require constant upkeep. Its heavy-duty belt can be relied upon day in, day out, to give your floors the performance you expect. It’s light on features that wear down over time, so you can count on it for years to come.

A practical vacuum that endures

Like a marathon runner, the G-Series is built to go the distance. By focusing on durability above all else, we have built a vacuum that will keep cleaning long after others have ended up in the repair shop. Engineered to exacting German standards, you can count on the G-Series to keep your surfaces spotless. 

Heavy-duty belt

Part of the magic of this vacuum’s incredible endurance is the belt. At SEBO, we want everything to be of the highest quality, so our belt surpasses industry standards and is designed for heavy usage. If you have a big space such as a large home, this may be the ideal vacuum for you. 

Only the functionality you need

It can be confusing to decide which features on a vacuum you really need for optimum performance. With the G-Series, we’ve designed a vacuum that keeps it simple, paring down its soft features to the essential elements that result in superior performance.

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