Soapopular Hand Sanitizer products are harsh on germs yet gentle on skin.

Hand hygiene is recognized as the single most important means of germ prevention and spreading. Soapopular’s hand hygiene products are tested and certified to be used across multiple industries to protect staff, patrons, co-workers, and families from harmful germs and bacteria.

Soapopular PLUS Foam 70% Alcohol Hand Sanitizer delivers on efficacy, killing harmful germs and bacteria found on the skin. Combined with high-quality emollients within our foam formula, the formula feels like silk when applied and leaves the skin feeling soft and smooth without irritation or discomfort. 

The 70% Ethynol alcohol solution is certified for use to help protect the skin from illness-causing germs and bacteria.

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Soapopular Alcohol-Free Foam Hand Sanitizer applications are fragrance-free, non-flammable, and they don’t dry out your hands, making them more appealing for use by health care professionals.

Soapopular products and dispensers have been approved by Health Canada and are specifically designed to reduce the spread of infections via easy to install dispensers, wall brackets, and tip resistant tabletop foaming bottles.

The alcohol-free element of Soapopular ensures that the special needs of staff, practitioners, nurses, patients, children, and adults are addressed.

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