SEBO DISCO Floor Pad Set


SEBO DISCO Floor Pad Set includes 1 x SEBO Red DISCO Floor Pad and 1 x SEBO Yellow DISCO Floor Pad

Compatible with the SEBO DISCO Floor Polisher

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The SEBO DISCO Floor Pad Set includes both the red and yellow floor pads. The red and yellow pads are used to restore damaged hard floors. The red pad is used in the first step of floor shine restoration to remove the deepest or most visible scratches and smooth the floor surface. The yellow pad is used in the second step of floor shine restoration to create a higher gloss finish in preparation for the final step with the green floor pad.

How it works:

The Red, Yellow, Green, and Blue Floor Pads

SEBO DISCO Floor Polisher Pads

These three polishing pads restore the shine of dull, scratched, and scuffed, hard-floor surfaces without the use of water, chemicals, or polishing sands. The pads do the work using the following three-step procedure (soft coatings should not be present):

Step One – The Red Floor Pad Removes the deepest or most visible scratches and smoothes the floor surface. Thus, it prepares the floor for the yellow pad.

Step Two – The Yellow Floor Pad Restores a higher gloss finish and prepares the floor surface for the green pad.

Step Three – The Green Floor Pad Creates the final gloss finish in the “three-step process,” and it is suitable for daily use to maintain the floor’s high-gloss finish.

Maintenance – The Blue Floor Pad is designed to maintain soft coatings, like wax, on hard floors, and it is suitable for daily use as well. It should be used along with a typical floor wax suitable for the specific floor surface or recommended by the flooring manufacturer. The DISCO has suction ability while polishing allowing it to remove the fine dust from fully dried floor-wax products.

SEBO DISCO Floor Polisher

The DISCO is usually suitable for the following types of floors:

  • PVC (coated or uncoated vinyl or vinyl composite tiles)
  • Natural stone, such as granite, marble, or terrazzo
  • Acrylic or polyurethane-coated floors
  • Hardwood with oil or varnish finishes
  • Hardwood or other floors with soft-coated finishes, like wax (use the blue floor pad only)

The DISCO is NOT suitable for the following types of floors:

  • Any floor on which a shiny finish is not desired.
  • Glazed, ceramic, and porcelain tiles, or porous tiles such as terracotta or slate.
  • Cushioned vinyl, linoleum, laminate, and any floor types that are poorly bonded to the subfloor.
  • All floors with textured or uneven surfaces or tiles with raised edges
  • Floors with maintenance-free coatings, floors in which acceptability of the polisher is uncertain, or when polisher use is contrary to manufacturer recommendations.

* PLEASE NOTE: Suitability of all floor surfaces should first be determined by consulting the manufacturer’s recommendations, and then by testing the DISCO and its four pads in an inconspicuous spot. If floor damage occurs, immediately discontinue use.

Additional floor pad replacements can be purchased here:

SEBO DISCO Floor Polisher video review:

SEBO DISCO Floor Polisher

(Please note that this video is used for demonstration purposes only. The Vacuum Cleaner and Floor Polisher models displayed in the video may differ from models sold in Canada. Please refer to product description for details related to your SEBO product.)

SEBO DISCO Floor Pad Set

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