Parquet Brush


Dark Grey, 11 3/4″ Width

Parquet floor brush for SEBO canister vacuums.

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Designed specifically for hard floors, this standard parquet floor brush is a classic design. It is lightweight with soft, natural bristles so it glides gently over floors and provides easy maneuverability. It is great for use on wood, tile, and many other hard floor surfaces. A node is included on the back for attaching and storing directly on your SEBO canister vacuum.

To clean this Parquet floor brush, simply pull fibers and hair out of the bristles manually. Alternatively, you can vacuum the bristles with your vacuum hose end or telescopic tube.

Since the SEBO Parquet Brush has a button-release neck, it is compatible with all SEBO canister vacuums. You will even find it included with the SEBO E3 Premium and E2 Turbo vacuums. It can also be paired with SEBO wands for use with a central vacuum.


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