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Designed for the SEBO Felix in Classic, but is compatible with all SEBO Felix and Dart vacuums, as well as all SEBO Airbelt canister vacuums. Can also be paired with a SEBO wand for use with a central vacuum.

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The SEBO Kombi Nozzle is an easy to manoeuvre, non-powered and high-performance vacuum attachment. It is designed with a swivel ‘flex’ neck and four rubber coated wheels which help it glide easily. The 90° vertical and 180° horizontal variable-turning swivel neck offers enormous flexibility. It also has natural bristles and two lint removers to pick up thread and fluff. The innovative Twin-Stream suction channel system and the crescent-shaped natural bristle strip provide effective edge-to-edge dust collection.

The retractable bristles are the unique feature that sets the Kombi Nozzle apart from all the other SEBO floor tools. This feature allows this floor tool to clean a “combination” of hard floors and low-pile carpets and rugs. It is also suitable for wool loop pile! All you need to do is switch the slider depending on which floor type you are cleaning.

The SEBO Kombi Nozzle is another popular floor tool among SEBO customers. It comes included with the SEBO Airbelt D1 Kombi, the Airbelt E1 Kombi, and the Airbelt K2 Kombi. With its button-release neck, it is compatible with all SEBO canister vacuums and the SEBO Felix and Dart series upright vacuums. It can also be paired with SEBO wands for use with a central vacuum.


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