Disco Floor Polisher


Onyx colour. Comes with 1 green pad.

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The DISCO floor polisher is a lightweight and cost-effective polishing tool. It has instantaneous height adjustment and new floor-pad technology that lets you give your floors high-gloss shine without water, chemicals or polishing sands.

Simply attach DISCO to a SEBO FELIX, or any Premium SEBO Canister vacuum cleaner, and you’ve got a powerful polishing machine. Plus, the vacuum’s suction removes fine dust created during the polishing process as you go!

Additional information

Weight 3.8 kg
Brush motor

200 watts

Power Head Width

12 in.

Height Adjustment

Torque Control

Suction Motor Protection

Electronic cut-out

Brush Wear Compensation

Instant Automatic

Brush Speed

2000 RPM


Green Disco Floor Pad


Bare Floor Cleaning, Bumper, Manual and Automatic Brush Shut-Off, Swivel Neck


10 Years

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